Ambrasia Group

Ambrosia was the Food and Beverage of the Greek Gods which provided sustenance for immortality.

We are focused on sourcing, tasting, buying, and investing into Food & Beverage products that do well in Asia, or the Ambrosia in Asia, AMBRASIA.  We know there is a need for a trusted venue in which producers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers may share products, processes, costs, and logistics.

However, please do not  conclude we only want Asia based sources or products.  Many of our community lived abroad and appreciate specialty products only found in remote parts of the world.  However, the lack of mass demand or experience restrain imports, particularly into China.  We will help with the logistics, customs and quality inspection process so that we may all share in the value chain while selling our products more efficiently.

Please contact us to learn more about our initiatives in Asia and monitor us for functional upgrades and expansion!




Chief Executive Officer


Ambrosia in Asia