Our Mission

We provide an online community for those who consume, produce, own, sell, or operate in Food & Beverage, primarily in Asia. Although we believe the variety, quality, and sources in Food & Beverage in Asia has improved, more infrastructure is needed in wholesale, procurement, and trusted logistics for consumers, hotels, and restaurant outlets.   We hope that Ambrasia Group’s focus on filtering products with a reputable, tasty, and quality first, will bring all who care about quality “Ambrosia” to contribute and to support ambrasia.com.

We are looking for new product ideas for very large distribution buinesses primarily in China, Korea, and Hong Kong.  Ambrasia Group aims to share all unique Food and Beverage ideas, products, and partners on ambrasia.com.

Each member may post an introduction of their company, process, and products.  In time, we want to provide a platform for efficient, dependable sourcing and buying needs for consumers and other buyers of Food & Beverage products.

We want to link the rare truffle producer directly to the consumer or provide organic products from remote parts of the world to consumers in Asia.  Of course, those nostalgic for overseas snacks from their school days may find it on ambrasia.com.  We will have a separate division to handle logistics, licensing and customs inspections procedures.

Lastly, we are eager to invest in companies with promising products or services who would like to increase sales in Asia, primarily to China.  This will require a much more involved process, but it will be based on products first.

Please join and share in our mission by sending an email with your product information or business specific needs for the Ambrasia Group!




Ambrosia in Asia